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Hello and welcome to my site! My name is John and I am a IT Professional who has spent over 12 years designing and creating a broad range of software solutions for large insurance and telecommunication companies. I have created and maintained many Web Applications, Large Data Warehouses, and numerous BI and reporting implementations. That said, I have always had fun solving various problems via Code and I will be posting various solution to issues that I have encountered in the past.

Are the solutions and code free

For non-business entities Yes! I only ask that you donate what the value of the code is to you! If you are a company and would like to license the scripts with or without support, then please email me at The cost for businesses is negotiable so please inquire, I rather have you use it then not!

Featured Code

Windows Script Host Solution:
Configurable VBScripts that Deletes and/or Archives Files


Has a developer created a mis-behaving application that leaves numerous data files that are consuming disk space you need back? In large corporations, servers get littered with many temporary files that programs or users create and then don't remove. Eventually someone has to continually monitor and clean these files up or add expensive additional drive space to avoid outages. The VBScript solution I provide can be scheduled to automatically search for, and delete or archive unwanted files by name using regular expressions and age of the file! My solution also tracks these files via log files for auditability!

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How to Decrypt RC4 Encrypted Parameters passed into Actuate Reports

Have sensitive report parameters that are being passed over HTTP that you dont want users to be able to read? Here is an implemention that uses Actuate Basic to perform RC4 Encryption and Decryption from inside your reports!

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